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■Company Name
〒425-0041 1060 Ishizu, Yauizu City, Shizuoka Pref. Japan
Masao Yamada
■Established14 Feb. 1994
  1. Design, manufactruing, and sales of processing  machines for frozen tuna & oceanic bonitos
  2. Engineering of tuna processing plants
  3. Engineering of oceanic bonitos processing plants
  4. Engineering of tuna mince plants
  5. Planning, Engineering, Designing, Manufacturing, and Sales for Automatic Packaging Sysem  
  6. Sales of freezing & defrosting related machines
  7. Sales of equipment related to hygienic control system 
  8. Consulting for fishery processing plants 
  1. Designing, manufacturing, and sales of fishery processing machines
  2. Planing & Engineering of fishery processing plants
■Overseas Customers

South Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia,Thailand, Vietnam, USA, Spain, Canada,

Maldives, Mauritius, Fiji, Ecuador, Sri Lanka,Papua New Guinea 


Shinkin Central Bank Ltd. ,Shizuoka Bank Ltd. ,Shimizu Bank Ltd.

■Main Client
(1)Toyo Reizo
(2)Fukuichi Fishery
■Payment Term
To be invoiced at end of month and paid at end of the next month


■1994年2月Established company "MK ENGINEERING"
for designing, manufacturing, and selling fishery processing machines  
■1996年12月Cnaged the company name to MK ENGINEERING Limited
Started the business for Tuna & Oceanic bonitos plants
■1998年10月Tied up with Korean Machinary Company (OEM base)
■1999年1月Relocated HQ, thanks to business expansion, 
including construction of factory & office
■2002年9月Change the company name to MK ENGINEERING Corporation
■2003年8月Started the engineering of tuna processing factory (China, Tianjin)
■2004年4月Established Chinese Sales Agent (China Yantai)
■2004年7月Constructed new office, following the expansion of business
■2005年3月Established Chinese Sales Agent (China, Dalian)
■2006年8月Established Branch Office in China (Dalian) 駿大車体工業有限公司設立
■2011年10月Established Osaka Branch Office for expanding Chinese business
■2012年8月Obtained ISO9001:2008 Certificate
Relocated from Sangena, Yaizu City to Ishizu, Yaizu City, to a new factory and office

Referencs of Plants for Tuna, Oceanic bonitos, and Tuna mince (Japan & Overseas)

China, Tianjin China,Rìzhào China, Dalian China,Shenzhen Taiwan,Kaohsiung Singapore 

Vietnam Nha Trang

Referencs of Plants for Tuna, Oceanic bonitos, and Tuna mince (Japan & Overseas)

■1994年Kyouei Sangyou Tuna & Oceanic bonitos
Hikita Syohji      Oceanic bonitos
■1994年Kyouei Sangyou Tuna & Oceanic bonitos
Hikita Syohji      Oceanic bonitos
■1995年Yaizu Cyuoh Suisan Tuna line 
Tokyo Tuna Hanbai  Tuna, Automatic Packing
Kanehi                   Tuna line 
■1996年MK Foods              Tuna & Oceanic bonitos line
Yamazen Syokuhin Tuna line 
Akagi Suisan          Tuna line 
Fuyoh Food Pack    Oceanic bonitos line
■1997年Yonekawa Suisan Tuna Defrosting line
Daikatu Suisan    Thermal Pasteurization 
Kanesei Suisan    Tuna mince & Chilled line
Maruiri Syohten   Tuna line 
■1998年Yokohama Syokuhin Tuna mince
Yamaboshi Syohten Tuna & Oceanic bonitos
■1999年Whole Fishery Yaizu Ogawa Factory Chillling & Processing line
TTP Co,. Ltd.                               Automatic Packing line
TTP Co,. Ltd.                               Tuna line (extension)
■2000年Ohtubo Suisan        Tuna & Oceanic bonitos line
Yamazaki Syokuhin Tuna line 
Mikado Reitoh        Tuna line 
Maruko Suisan       Oceanic bonitos line
■2001年JaRock                    Tuna & Oceanic bonitos
Maruiri Food Supply Tuna line 
Kensui  Tsusyou       Tuna line 
Yamamatu  Suisan   Tuna & Oceanic bonitos
■2002年Nakamura Suisan     Tuna 
Bannoh Suisan         Tuna 
Oohtubo Suisan       Tuna mince & Chilled line
Daitomi                   Lightly roasted bonito
Foods System          Tuna line 
Daikuma Kohriyama Lightly roasted bonito line
■2003年Daito Suisan                                 Tuna & Oceanic bonitos line
Champion Sea Foods                     Tuna & Oceanic bonitos line
Kyowa Syokuhin                            Tuna line 
Nakatani Hyohten                          Tuna & Oceanic bonitos line
Bannoh Suisan                              Tuna mince & Chilled line
Foods System                                Material Automatic Feeding line
Kyowa Syokuhin                            Oceanic bonitos line
蓬莱漁業有限公司                            Tuna line 
Ocean Products(Tianjun) Co.Ltd. Tuna line 
Fuyoh Food Pack                           Oceanic bonitos line
Maruyu Suisan                              Lightly roasted bonito
■2004年Oriental Foods Tuna, Oceanic bonitos, Chilling line
Sri Lanka        Tuna line 
■2005年日照華新食品有限公司 Tuna line 
Yokohama Syokuhin Tuna mince
■2006年Altech Foods Tuna & Oceanic bonitos line
■2007年MN Retail Service Shimizu((old name)Hokusyu Syokuhin) Tuna Processing line
■2008年Sooon Yi Superfrozen co,.Ltd Tuna line 
■2010年Shingata Tuna minced & Chilled line
■2011年Dalian Dayang Ocean Fishery Co.,Ltd Tuna line 
CCF(Singapore)                              Tuna line & Slice line
■2012年Shandong Lanrun Aquatic Co.,Ltd.           Tuna line 
Dalian Fuyi International Trading Co.,Ltd. Tuna line 
Weihai Luhai Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd. Roast pork line
Weihai Luhai Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd. Omelet Line
Access Fresh                                          Tuna minced & Chilled line
■2013年TPSIO(Mauritius)                                                      Tuna line 
TS Foods Products                                                        Tuna lone & Tuna minced line
Daikuma Maguro                                                          Tuna & Oceanic bonitos line 
MN Retail Service                                                       Tuna lone & Tuna minced line
Champion Sea Foods Automatic Filling & Packing line for Tuna mince
■2014年Shimizu Reihan Tuna line &Tuna mince Processing line & Cutting-off line
■2015年Nakamura Suisan(plan) Tuna line 
■2016年Kyokuyou  Suisan Yaizu Tuna mince Automatic Processing line 
■2017年Maruha Nichiro Retail Service Tuna Processing line
Toyosu                                 Tuna Processing Plant
Maruiri Food Supply              Feasibility Study
Marine Fresh Kansai              Tuna mince Processing line
Bannou Suisan                     Tuna quotered cutting line & Tuna mince processing line
                                          Oceanic bonitos quartered cutting line
Marine Access                      Tuna minced with onion leaves Processing line
Oriental Foods                     Tuna minced with onion leaves Processing line
Yaizu Foods                         Tuna minced with onion leaves Processing line
Maruma Corporation            Tuna & Oceanic bonitos Processing line

■2018年Oriental Foods Tuna mince Processing line (still planning stage)
■2019年Otsubo suisan CO.,LTD.        Tuna mince Processing line
SAKURA FOOD CO.,LTD.          Salmon slice processing line, etc.
KOHYO INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.  Tuna mince Processing line
■2020年Kyokuyou  Suisan Yaizu        Tuna minced with onion leaves Processing line


【Address】〒425-0041 1060 Ishizu, Yaizu City, Shizuoka Pref. Japan
【Transportation facilities】15 minutes by car from Yaizu Interchange