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Air Jet Water Separator(special Version)

Air Jet Water Separator(spesial Version)                             Series㉓

Model JAC-37-2

Blowing off waterdrop adhered on the defrosted tuna&Shortening the operation time at the next process


Compact design & high efficency

High processing performance, thansk to the ultimately minimized machine with energy saving design and variable conveyor speed 5 - 20 m/min.

More hygienic design with high cleaning


- Made of the material SUS304

- Enable to wash out completely, provided double front doors

- Sterilized by alcohol atomizing system after the cleaning

Easier mainternaciability

No worry even during the cleaning operation mode, thanks to the application of water proof type instrumentations including operation switches.
Enable easier maintenance & adjustment, thanks to the water proof frame / cover with those simplified design

Mechanical Dimensional Drawing


Water blowing -off after defrosting tuna

Flat Blade Setting Gauge

Flat Blade Setting Gauge                                   Series㉔

Flat Blade Setting Gauge

How to operate

  Everybody can set the flat blade easily.

1.Insert flat brade, back plate, and specified bolt into .

  the cutter's body, but without tightening the bolt, yet. 

2.Move the setting plate by the handle up to the 

     cutter's body and adjust the dial gauge there to zero position.

3.Then, lift up the setting plate up to any arbitrary 

 position normally 0.5 mm - 0.8 mm) without energizing the magnet.

4.Rotate the cutter's body and position the flat brade

   at the center of the setting plate. Energize the magnet.

   Then, the flat brade is lifted up and set to the proper position. 

5.Tighten the fixing bolt gradually.

  (Repeat the above 4 & 5.)

Flat Blade Setting Gauge
Flat Blade、Back Plate
Alminium Body

Pallet for deep freeze refrigerator

Pallet for deep freeze refrigerator                               Series㉕

Pallet for tuna and oceanic bonitos

Aluminium Pallet for oceanic bonitos and tuna