Defrosting Machine for tuna MKS-500

Defrosting machine for tuna                                                  Series⑮

model MKS-500

(skinless loin,block,fence)

Max.material size200H×800L
Power Supply3.7KW 3Phase 200V

Washing/Defrosting/Steilizing Conveyer machine for tuna  MKS-300

Washing/Defrosting/Steilizing Conveyer machine for tuna                   Series⑯

model MKS-300

(Enable to sterilize,defrost,and wash tuna by powerful water jet generated through special nozzle)

Continuous feeding can shorten the working time

With autmatic feed water

Powerful pump specialized to extremely high pressure

Washing/Defrosting/Steilizing Conveyer machine for tunaMKS-300

Specification                                           (unit:mm)

Container size400W×600L×100H

(Continuous variable speed control by inverter)
Capacity240 Pieces /h
Power Supply(conveyer)0.4KW 3Phase 200V
Power Supply(High Pressure Pump)3.7KW 3Phase 200V×2

with autmatic feed water

Powerful pump specialized to extremely high pressure

Tsuna Defroster KS-20

Tsuna Defroster                                                                                         Series⑰

model KS-20

Defrosting & Sterilizing & Washing Machine

Suitable for processing frozen tuna to chilled block and tuna mince

Defrosting / Sterilizing / Washing


 Warm water supplied from boiler


 Sterilized water/Electrolyzed water

Outline Drawing                             Specification

Dimension of tank1120L×817W×694H
Dimension of machine1473L×817W×1200H
Blower motor0.4KW 3phase AC200V

Automatic turning over defrosting/washing Machine KS-40

Automatic turning over defrosting/washing Machine                                      Series⑱

model KS-40

Equally washing,sterilizing,and defrosting for foods

Such as tuna,vegetables,etc.

Equally washing / sterilizing / Defrostin

Specification                             (unit:mm)

Cage Capacity130ℓ
Water Tank Capacity280ℓ
Cage Hole Diameter3φ~φ10
Drive Motor200V 4P 0.2KW
Air Blower Motor200V 4P 0.2KW

Production line installation An example

Flexible Combination depending on the installing location

●2 Series Straight Type

●2 Series 90 degree Type

Specification                                                         (unit:mm)