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E:Exclusive grinding machine

Exclusive grinding machine for T-Type Cutter                                                    Series㉑

Model TK-305

T-type tuna skinning blade grinder

Easy grinding of T-Type Cutter

Hishly hygienic and durable body made of stailess steel

Simply grinded by moving, right and left

Precise angle of blade

Shiny grinding surface

Compact Design 

Specification                        (unit:mm)

Dimension (table)
Max. loading weight50kg
Magnet DimensionOutside 305×Inside 140×Thickness 30 #120
RPM of magnet480/580rpm(50/60Hz)
Motor OutputCondencer Motor 550w
Power Supply1 Phase 100V


Exclusive grinding machine for R-Type Cutter TR-400

Exclusive grinding machine for R-Type Cutter                                                    Series㉒

Model TR-400

R-type tuna skinning blade grinder

It is R-type tuna skinning blade grinder which

It corresponds to any cutlery

Made of all stainless Steel

Easy maintenance

  Main feature

  1. By adopting an easy maintenance structure, it is possible to remove the safety cover by ‘one-push’.  And it is also easy to exchange the grindstone.

  2. The conventional grinder makes adhere dirts on the wall by the scatter of water. It shut out the dirts of water and grindstone.

  3. It is all made of stainless steel which considers the cleanliness and easy to clean.

Specification                                                                         (unit:mm)
Power Supply3 Phase 200V 50/60Hz